Armenian Nuptial Practices

Traditionally, Armenian nuptial customs include the religious organization ceremony, belly dancing, and a joyous meal. Armenians thought the autumn relationship with korean woman and winter weeks were the best times to have a marriage ceremony. After the formal procedure, the newlyweds would venture to the bride’s house for your party. The party would last for one to 7 days. The groom and bride would usually wear two different colors of wedding apparel.

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Armenians assumed that a couple would be blessed if they will wore a red bridal gown. They also thought that guys would be suitable for farming if that they wore green. During the religious organization ceremony, the priest tied red and green woven threads around the bridegroom’s neck.

Before the wedding party begins, the bride and groom are generally escorted for the church by the groom’s along with godparents. The groom’s spouse and children would consequently dress the bride to get the wedding ceremony.

The bride-to-be would wear a red bridal gown, and her hair would be braided. The bride’s mother would give the bride and groom a spoonful of babe as a image of enjoyment. The wedding shoes would be taken from the star of the wedding. The groom’s family unit would therefore put profit moccasins as a mark of wealth.

The newlyweds might receive caps. These caps are made of precious metals and stand for the newlyweds’ own bit of kingdom. The crowns would be returned to the church following your wedding ceremony.

Following the church formal procedure, the bride and groom would be welcome with dances and sounds. The groom’s family might bring a box of chocolates and flowers for the bride’s home.